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Chimney Thru Flashing.

Long Island Copper can provide you with chimney thru flashing fabricated from copper or lead coated copper.

Our years of experience can assure you will have the proper flasing job for years of worry free issues.

In these projects, we focused on making sure your home is flashed correctly the first time.

Because of my ATD (attention to detail) i promise that each and every chimney flashed will be perfect and leak proof, regardless of how complicated the layout.

In the two decades i have been in business i can't count the number of chimneys i have flashed, BUT i can tell you how many call backs i have had "0".

Results of our work

As the owner, not only do i asses and price your project, im also the craftsman on site with my skilled laborer force exicuting your project to perfection.

Call 516-375-9000 OR Email

For the rite job the first time, just call jimmy the copper guy from Long Island Copper.
  • Historic and landmark design recreation.
  • Fiber Laser cutting for superior qualitly and tough design request.
  • CNC Folding machines for constant precision.
  • hand-built architectural products such as domes, dormers, cupolas, chimney pots and more.
  • Custom flat lock tiles
  • Endless selection of metals and finishes to choose from.