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Lead Coated Seamless Halfround Gutters

Long Island Copper can provide your home or your job site with premium lead coated copper gutters, without the wait of big chain supply houses. All lead coating is done in house, with lead coating quality better than any other.

Our shop has all state of the art leading equipment custom made and specilized just for gutter and roofing products..

We offer copper, lead coated copper, rhienzink, all atas colors, and many more custom metal finish options.

Custom made on site for perfect installation, or supply to your job site.

Wether it is a 5" or 6" half round lead coated copper gutters, Long Island Copper can offer you superior quality and price.

All hardware and coil stock leaded on our site to provide a superior qualitly coating, large buliding supply chains offer mass produced leaded items from overseas, in time that finish wears off. Our facility leads all products in house.

Results of our work

As the owner, not only do i asses and price your project, im also the craftsman on site with my skilled laborer force exicuting your project to perfection.

Call 516-375-9000 OR Email

For the rite job the first time, just call jimmy the copper guy from Long Island Copper.
  • Historic and landmark design recreation.
  • Fiber Laser cutting for superior qualitly and tough design request.
  • CNC Folding machines for constant precision.
  • hand-built architectural products such as domes, dormers, cupolas, chimney pots and more.
  • Custom flat lock tiles
  • Endless selection of metals and finishes to choose from.